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A Tale of Slice Disparities

(Inspired by a true story)

Once upon a time, in a cosy kitchen filled with the aroma of freshly baked pizza, Jane and John Smith embarked on a culinary adventure. Jane, 8 months pregnant and craving pizza, suggested they indulge in a different pizza each night of the week, eager to savour every slice together.

Their journey began on a perfect note. As they sat down to enjoy their creation, they divided their first delectable pizza evenly, each relishing four slices. It was a perfect start to their pizza week.

But on the second night, Jane's mum called, needing urgent help with her health. Jane rushed to her side without hesitation, leaving John to savour every bite of the entire pizza alone. 

By the fourth night, John received an unexpected bonus at work—a whole extra pizza for his hard work. Meanwhile, Jane, who worked in a job without such perks, watched as John devoured the bonus pizza for dessert.

As the week progressed, Jane faced another challenge. Rushing to the hospital, she gave birth to their child three weeks early. While John supported her at the hospital, he continued to come home in the evenings to enjoy nightly pizza feasts, while Jane missed out on her share.

On the final night, Jane and John reflected on their pizza week. While John revelled in his full belly and satisfied cravings, Jane couldn't shake the feeling that despite her hard work, she enjoyed fewer slices than John, leaving her with a sense of missing out. She realised that, much like their pizza adventure, life often served up unequal portions (hint: gender pay gap) for a number of different reasons.

As pizza week came to a close, Jane made a silent vow to advocate for change—to ensure that everyone receives their fair share of pizza and that every slice of life is served with equality and equity.

By now I'm sure I don't have to tell you that this story is about the gender pay gap — it illustrates the many complex reasons why gender pay gaps exist in most places around the world.


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