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Know your impact

Advancing Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Loupe founder Dr Isabelle Kingsley helps businesses, non-profits, and government agencies across Australia evaluate and strengthen their equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts. Isabelle has leveraged her expertise and her government-endorsed evaluation framework to steer prominent organisations such as the Australian Government, National Health and Medical Research Council, Snow Medical, UN Women, and APEC Australia toward impactful equity and diversity results.



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Tailored Coaching and Workshops

Elevate workplace culture with our tailored coaching and workshops, empowering your organisation to enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. Dr Isabelle Kingsley offers customised coaching and workshops, with step-by-step strategies for sustainable progress and meaningful impact.

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End-to-End Impact Evaluation

Take the guesswork out of your initiatives. Isabelle conducts thorough end-to-end evaluations, producing detailed, jargon-free reports that unveil the effectiveness of your programs. This insight empowers you to make informed decisions and refine your approach for maximum impact.


This service uses an Australian Government-endorsed evaluation framework developed by Isabelle herself.

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Gender Pay Gap Assessment and Action Planning

Stay ahead of the curve in addressing the evolving landscape of gender pay gap reporting in Australia. The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) now publicly publishes pay gaps for companies with 100 or more employees. Isabelle guides you through gender pay gap analysis, helps you understand the driving factors, and provides actionable plans to bridge the gap, supporting your equity goals and reputation.

Contact Loupe today to embark on your pathway towards positive change for all.

Why choose loupe?

Expertise in Equity Action and Evaluation

Loupe founder and director—renowned equity and evaluation expert Dr Isabelle Kingsley—leverages her expertise and research-backed methods to ensure your organisation receives informed and effective advice, coaching and training.

Tailored Solutions

Loupe understands that each workplace is unique. All consulting services are customised to suit your specific needs, ensuring a personalised and impactful approach.

Transparency and Action

Loupe aligns with the Australian Government’s and WGEA's call for transparency and action. By understanding and sharing the impacts of your initiatives and using evidence to inform your actions, you contribute to a fairer, more inclusive workplace.

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