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Dr Isabelle Kingsley (she/her | pronounced Iz-uh-bel Kingz-lee) is the founder and director of Loupe Consulting — a sole trader specialising in gender equity, diversity and inclusion (GEDI) evaluation and research.


Isabelle is a renowned authority on gender equity with a PhD in impact evaluation. Her influential roles include: Senior Advisor, Research & Evaluation at Science in Australia Gender Equity Ltd, a gender equity accreditation body for the higher education and research sector; and Senior Research Associate for the Women in STEM Ambassador, an Australian Government initiative addressing gender inequities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).


Isabelle's impactful research has played a pivotal role in shaping policies for equitable practices in Australia. Notably, her leadership in studies addressing gender disparities in the Australian research sector and the impacts of anonymisation have led to transformative policy changes by health and medical research funders and Australia’s largest scientific research organisations. These tangible outcomes reflect Isabelle's impact on shaping workplace equity across Australia.


A trailblazer in evidenced-based action, she crafted an Australian Government-endorsed national equity evaluation framework, an interactive website hosting a free evaluation tool and searchable repository of ‘what works’ and an implementation guide for workplace equity initiatives.


Her advisory contributions extend globally, impacting UN Women, APEC, Australia’s Chief Scientist and Australia's governmental bodies.

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