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Don't Sugar-coat International Women's Day

International Women's Day (IWD) is not about buying cupcakes and sending out feel-good messages. It's about rolling up our sleeves and making tangible strides towards gender equity. Australia's first IWD was held in Sydney in 1928, where women fought for equal pay, reasonable working hours, and paid leave. While progress has been made since then, we still have a long road ahead.

Today, celebrate IWD in a meaningful way that creates lasting change for women in your workplace. Here are a few practical steps workplaces can take to make a real difference:

  • Address the Gender Pay Gap: Almost a century after its first IWD, Australia still has a gender pay gap. Conduct regular pay audits to identify and address any gender pay disparities within your organisation. Ensure transparency and fairness in salary negotiations and promotions.

  • Review Parental and Carer Leave Policies: Ensure that parental and carer leave policies are equitable and inclusive, allowing both women and men to balance work and family responsibilities without penalty.

  • Implement Flexible Work Arrangements: Provide choices like remote work, flexible hours, and job sharing, so both women and men can balance work and family duties, making it easier for women to stay in their jobs.

  • Promote Gender Diversity in Leadership: Implement initiatives to actively recruit, retain, and more crucially, promote women into leadership positions. Provide clear pathways and ensure fair promotion processes and criteria for all genders.

By taking these proactive steps, workplaces can create environments where women can thrive and contribute their full potential. Let's use International Women's Day to catalyse meaningful change and continue the journey towards gender equity together.

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